Vocational Training Degrees

These are our vocational training degrees, at IES Chan do Monte. Follow the links to get more details about what our students learn:

  1. Higher Technician in Sales Management and Commercial Spaces
  2. Higher Technician in Computer Network Systems Management
  3. Higher Technician in Multi-platform Applications Development
  4. Higher Technician in Development of Web Applications
  5. Technician in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Installations
  6. Technician in Commercial Activities
  7. Technician in Administrative Management
  8. Technician in Microcomputer Systems and Networks
  9. Apprentice in Office Computing
  10. Apprentice in Housing Maintenance (Electrical and Electronic Installations)

We’re always looking for companies and organizations abroad to send our students for a 2-3 months scholarship KA102-103 E+ projects.